V2R results

V2R results

one finish / one DNF


Vegas to Reno is the longest race in the US as well as maybe the only true point to point race states side.  These two things make it exiting for any racer and thankfully the COPS team incorporated it into this year's schedule.  We set out to race the class 1 (#1593) and the class 10 (#1093) in this epic race which resulted in a bit of success and a bit of defeat.
The class 1 car was piloted by Zak Langley and co-driver Sean Williams for the first 280 miles.  Starting position for unlimited vehicles is decided by qualifying in BITD and unfortunately Zak and Sean failed to find a strong pace. This resulted in a 50th place, back of the pack start.  Despite the poor starting position car #1593 slowly made its way into great position.  Eventually it was running with the top 20 cars on the road when the car had two rear simultaneous flats at race mile 261.   This cost the team the position and close to 25 minutes of down time because of a faulty jack.   Zak and Sean drove on one rear flat for 2 miles before getting a new tire on the rear.  The chase team had only one spare so the car was conservatively driven the next 20 mile to pit 8 where Dan Martin and Joe Lombardo took the reins.

Dan and Joe where having a great run.  The team was looking at a potential top 10 finish in class 1 until a flat cost the car more time.  Then came one last blow to the class 1 success; a hasty pit resulted in the car running out of fuel 10 miles from the finish line.  Luckily the Dan and Joe where able to round up some pump gas from some course workers, which got the car home with a 14th of 31 car finish.   Even though we had hoped for better the team is happy to get a solid finish the first time racing V2R.

The class 10 car had a much worse day.   The plan was for John Langley and Bill Young to start, Paul Keller and John Krempp to take the middle leg and Morgan Langley and Bill Gantner to bring it home. Sadly, the car never made it to Paul.  Close to RM46 car #1093 was trailing another class 10 car.  In extreme dust this car collided with a rolled over class 10 car, hitting the driver.  Our car, #1093 , then hit the rolled car destroying our passenger side front arms.  After John and Bill got out another class 10 car ran into car #1093 causing further damage.  In the chaos of this the driver of the rolled car had been injured.  Bill and John aided the injured driver until BITD officials arrived.   Thankfully this didn't turn out worse.  The COPS Team wishes a speedy recovery to Race Ritchie (the injured driver of the rolled car).

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