San Felipe Results

San Felipe Results

something to build on


San Felipe is one of the most challenging and fun races in off-road.  The team was determined to have a better showing after the two DNFs at Parker and there is no better a place to rebound than the whoops and washes of this seaside Baja town. 

The team fielded two cars, the class 1 with Zak Langley and Dan Martin at the wheels and the Class 10 with Morgan and John Langley sharing driving duties.   Both cars finished but each had unique challenges that kept the team from the podium.

The class 10 car was having a great race.  Morgan held 2nd on the road for some time but the car lost power and began having electrical issues.  He delivered it to John Langley in 5th place but in a tight race being only 5 minutes out of 1st.  When John and co-driver Bill Young got in the problems that Morgan had experienced escalated.  The intercom failed completely and the engine continued to misfire.  Later we found that the ECU wiring harness had failed.   Without the computer controlling the engine the car unexpectedly ran out of gas as a result of it running far too rich.  The team rallied with the help of the checkers pit team and got the car to finish.

The class 1 car unfortunately started the race with an oil leak.  The team caught the problem the day before the race but couldn't isolate the leak.  The car had to make 3 stops to take on oil during the 248 mile race.  In addition to this problem the Zak Langley had 2 flats in the first 100 miles.  After the hand off, Dan Martin was running 5th on the road for some time but the rear limit strap failed and he had to moderate his pace to save the CVs.   
It was still an accomplishment to get both cars a decent finish especially after the Parker results.  Now we have something to build off of.  The mechanical issues are being sorted then it is on to the MINT 400!

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good luck in VEGAS time for some lady luck ya,GO FLAT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im your fan evretyng races i live in mexicali y need stikersfor my car pleace

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