Parker Results

Parker Results

not our best


The teams season opener did not turn out as hoped.   We fielded two cars in Best in the Deserts Parker 425 to open the season.  Zak Langley and Dan Martin were driving the class 1 car (#1593) and John Langley and Morgan were in the class 10 (#1093).   Right off the start the class 1 had some issues.  We had some heat problems in the dusty and soft Osborn wash that were followed by a flat.  After getting back on the road and picking up momentum, driver Zak Langley rolled the car.  It landed on all 4's but lead to a coolant leak that eventually ended the class 1 cars race.  "this was my second race in class one and after overalling my first one I went in with not a serious enough attitude. Clearly there will be a learning curve in the bigger faster cars for me.  I'm looking forward to getting more seat time and learning the cars limits" Said Zak Langley after the race.

The class 10 car had 2 flats, one of which welded the wheel to the hub.  On the 3rd and final lap the engine seized.   Two DNFs to start the season is a hard pill to swallow but has refocused the teams resolve.  The next race will be the SCORE San Felipe 250 on March 10th where we are aiming for a strong showing in class 1 and class 10.  It is still possible that we will debut the Trophy Truck at this race but it is more likely that it will now be first raced at the Baja 500.  We will keep the updates coming.

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