Freedom 250

Freedom 250

COPS Racing Takes First Overall at the Freedom 250


After mixed results from the Baja 500, COPS Racing decided to run a local race to test some changes made on the Class 1 and Class 10 cars. COPS entered the two cars in the MORE Freedom 250 in Barstow, with a field of 98 entries — the night race started at 4 p.m. in hopes of escaping some of the scorching desert heat.

COPS’ Zak Langley with co-driver Sean Williams started 11th off the line with 16 cars in Class 1. This was Langley’s first race piloting the Racer Engineering Class 1 car. After three dusty laps, Zak and Sean handed the car off to Dan Martin and co-driver Brandon Chrisman with a well-established lead. Dan continued to stretch the lead in the final three laps to finish First in Class, and First Overall by 14 minutes. The car ran flawlessly.

The COPS Class 10 car was driven by John Langley and co-driver Bill Young — they were first in class off the line, with seven other 10s in the hunt. On the first lap the car got a flat tire which had to be changed on the side of a hill. After stopping at the next pit to put a fresh tire in the rack, they got nerfed hard in the dust, damaging the rear cage and breaking the exhaust. John and Bill finished their three laps, then handed the car off to Morgan Langley with co-driver Bill Gantner. Morgan ran three clean laps — with only GPS issues and a parched co-driver — to get the wounded car to a 5th place finish.

COPS’ next race will be the Tecate Score San Felipe Challenge of Champions, Sept. 9-11, in San Felipe, Baja, Mexico.

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