COPS at the Mint

COPS at the Mint



The team intended to field 3 cars in this year's mint 400 but too many last minute electrical issues prevented us from running the class 1.  We ended up running both class 10 cars; doing drivers changes every lap to let the class 1 team and some of the team regulars get in the race cars. 

Car #1093 started the race with John Langley at the wheel and Mike Howell in the right seat.  They were off to a great start but hit a giant rock at RM 14 which took out both left side tires.  They were fortunate that COPS car #1083 stopped to leave them their spare.  This incident cost #1093 a lot of time but they were up and running strong until the second lap.  Morgan Langley and Bill Gantner where in for lap 2 and had made it mostly around their lap when the engine let go, ending #1093's day.

Car #1083 started the race with Bill Young, the former sheriff of Las Vegas, at the wheel.  He had a clean first lap, only loosing time when co-driver Ryan Endo had to get out to give #1093 a spare tire.  The second lap was driven by COPS team mechanic Brandon Chrisman and co-driver John Turney.  They were running strong and gaining positions.  The third lap was driven by Dan Martin and Joe Lombardo and the fourth lap by Zak Langley and Sean Williams.  On the fourth lap the engine was ready to let go.  Zak and Sean experienced continuous oil pressure drops.  The car was limped in for a successful 6th place finish.  

The course was soft, rocky and beat to hell.  With all the engine problems the team is pleased to get one finish at the Mint 400.  Now it's on to the Silver State 300 where we will have the class 1 car back together and have the class 10 engine issues sorted out!

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