Wheels down

Wheels down

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Zak Langley

After 4 years of racing class 12 without a roll over I have managed to roll the class 1 car twice!

The light cars you can throw around and get in trouble but pull out a recovery much easier than the big class 1.  My class 12 was 2000lb to correct , now I'm trying to do the same thing but with 5000lb going 20% faster! 
This has proven to be more of an adjustment than I anticipated!

The one thing that I have learned about my class 1 car is that slow in - fast out is the best mantra.  With over 700 horses you can get to speed quickly... It's the slowing down part that is a little trickier.  I think that some people see the class 1 cars and think of nothing but speed but what I have learned is that the speed is there regardless, it's the braking points and executing controlled/ efficient turns that make you faster or slower than the next guy.
I hope you enjoy the video -- I'm planning on keeping the rubber down from now on!

Zak Langley
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Nice video keep up the good work / hope to see
U next baja race ! Il b on my baja 700xx ( honda)

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