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Dan Martin

We had a successful weekend in Ridgecrest racing to a 3rd place finish in class 10.  On the way to the race Friday afternoon I got a call that John and Zak are having electrical issues with the radiator fans and are limping the 10 car back to main pit.  Once we got the car back to the pit we went over the car and found a broken wire that was grounding out on the chassis causing the breaker to fail and shutting the fans off.  Of course the broken wire was under the dash and behind the middle A pillar; we had to remove the GPS and slide the dash back to get into where the breaker and the broken wire connector were located.  Thanks to Pacific States Racing for giving us the connector to repair the wire so we didn’t have to jerry rig the wiring.

Race day the plan was for Zak to start, John to do the middle and Morgan do the finish and the plan worked out great.  Zak finished his stint in the lead.  John jumped in the car as Mike Rafter and Joe Taylor fueled the car while George Arriola and I checked out the damaged rear trialing arm but didn’t weld it up deciding to send John to Pit B where Mike Howell would weld the rear arm up at Pit B as he is a fabricator.  Next driver change we put Morgan in to take the car to the finish.  Before Rafter and Joe T could fuel the car George and I added another gusset to the damaged arm before sending Morgan off.   Morgan kept the pace up and raced in for a great 3rd place finish.

Next Race is the Baja 1000 and I can’t wait to get down to Mexico again to race my favorite race.


Dan Martin
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