San Felipe Challenge Of Champions

San Felipe Challenge Of Champions

race report

Dan Martin

San Felipe in September was a challenge in its self with the heat and humidity.  The race ended up being a survival race after RM 6 where I rolled the car and tore the GPS and IRC tracking antennas off the car and my Co-rider Joe Lombardo’s helmet wiring was also damaged in the wreck.   Quick action from some great spectators helped us get out of the car and rolled back over and back into the race ASAP.  As we were getting back into the car another 1 car wrecked in the same set of holes and luckily didn’t land on us.  Once we got back going the car felt good it wasn’t doing anything funny like pulling to the left or right and there weren’t any load clunking noises like something was tearing off.  Even though everything felt good I stopped at our first pit at RM 30 to have the crew check for any obvious damage.   With the crew giving the car a clean bill of health we took off with a little more confidence that there wasn’t any damage to the suspension or steering components.  

As we began to come into the Borrego area we started to catch a pack of class 1 cars and passed a few of them  and just as I was about to have some clear air bang I hit a rock and get a flat and broke a wheel.  As we change the tire we lost all the positions we had just gained moments before.   Unfortunately for us we had just passed our Borrego pit and had to go all the way to RM 108 to get a fresh spare tire so we had to drive cautiously until we got there. We cruised into the pit at RM 108 picking off a couple cars along the way but as we tried to pull out of the pit we got stuck in the sand and broke the transmission.  Once back on the road the transmission was obviously in bad shape locking in gear for miles at a time never a good sign.  Finally we get to the driver change and Dale Dondel and his Co-Rider Andy jump in the car as Dennis Crowley and crew fueled the car and went over it looking for any issues.  Dale took off and had a great run and just cruised the wounded car in for a tough 6th place finish keeping us mathematically in the points chase.

I'm looking forward to a clean run at the Baja 1000!!!



Dan Martin
published by Dan Martin

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Talya Dodson

Nice race re-cap.  Go get ‘em at the 1000!

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