a new body for the class 1

Zak Langley

The roll at the San Felipe Challenge of champions did some significant damage to the aluminum body of the class 1 car.  Rather than make a new aluminum body we have decided to move to fiberglass.   The real advantage will be that once we have the mold, replacing the body of the car will be easy and much less expensive than replacing the aluminum.   We want to preserve the look of the car as well as the aerodynamic features of the old body so we've gone to the best guy in the fiberglass game, Mike McQueen.   Because of the time crunch we are only replacing the hood and the roof before the Baja 1000, then finishing the rest off after the race.  Here are some pictures of the molds.

Zak Langley
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John Harwood

Really enjoyed the new website!  Well done!
Great to read up on the teams history.  A very inspiring story for all of us aspiring racers!  Passion, Commitment, Perseverance and Teamwork

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