Trophy Truck

Trophy Truck

#50 unlimited closed wheel

TT#50 was built by Racer Engineering specifically for the BFG 42" Tire.   Many people worried that the extra 30 pound difference between the 39" and 42" tire would be too hard on the drivetrain and spindles. 


Despite the many nay sayers the Cops team with encouragement from BFG and Racer Engineering decided that the 42" could be the future of desert racing.   Modifications to Racers TT platform where made to insure TT#50's success.  Stronger spindles where made. We sought out the strongest hub and wheel which were provided by Jamar and Trail Ready. To address drivetrain stress we added a Tubeworks underdrive (gear reduction).  


The team is very happy with our descisions. TT#50 is fast, reliable and a rough killer! 


Bigger tire, smaller desert!



Builder: Racer Engineering
Weight: 6400 lbs.
Wheel Base: 121 inch
Track Width: 90 inch
Front Suspension: 26 inch travel King 4.5 bypass and coil-over shocks
Rear Suspension: 32 inch travel, King 4.5 by-pass and coil-over shock
Engine: 454ci Kroyer V8 small block Engine, Motec EFI,  James Lin wiring
Transmission: Culhane T400 with TCS converter and Tubeworks underdrive
Fuel Cell: Harmon 90 gallon
Steering: Howe Performance
Tires: BFGoodrich 42"
Brakes: Jamar brakes, 16 inch rotors and Jamar turning brake
Rear Housing Tubeworks
Nets and Belts: Mastercraft belts
Lights: Rigid Industries LED light bars
Communication: Kenwood 110w
Navigation: Lowrance HDS-10m